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5 Skate Spots in Savannah

Will Angiulo
January 7, 2022

Savannah is rich in skate history. It's actually where Thrasher had their first skate contest - AKA the 'Savannah Slamma' - but nowadays the city is full of tourism and art. Still skate spots rule the streets, at least to us. Here are 5 solid skate spots to hit if you're in Savannah. (this is the map) - Here is the link to the interactive tour that shows you where each spot is :

  1. The Hue Barrier
  1. Henry Street 8 Stair

  1. Hull Park 3 Block

  1. Bullstreet Church 5 Stair

  1. Forsyth Stage

We will be releasing a full map of the skate spots in Savannah and other select cities within the upcoming weeks! If you would like us to make a map for your city please email us at and we will see if we can make it happen! Subscribe for updates and stay tuned for more dope content -

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