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5 Years in the making with Shane McGrane

Will Angiulo
January 7, 2022

Don't let the title fool you! Shane McGrane is a beast in the streets and he's been killing it since before I was even born. We caught up with Shane to talk about his his skating career, his most recent video part, and why exactly he coined himself the "unprofessional skateboarder". Dive in for 5 minutes of ripping and an interview with the man himself.

What’s up Shane! Appreciate you for doing this. Let’s start off with just a little background about yourself.

How long have you been skating for??

I’ve been skating for 27 years.

Where did you grow up and what was the skate scene like in your hometown?

I grew up in Long Island and had a pretty solid crew of homies that skated around middle school years but for many of my younger years I skated by myself.

On your Instagram bio, you coined yourself the “unprofessional skateboarder” - how you’d come up with that and why?

It’s kind of just a joke. Skateboarding is taken super serious which could take away from how much fun it is to do.

What is your favorite skate shoe?

I don’t have a favorite pair of skate shoes. I’ll skate anything.

Favorite skater?

I don’t have a favorite skater. So many incredible skateboarders out there.

What kind of your board set up are you rockin’?

I’m rocking a black star skateboards deck on independent 139’s with 54 mm spitfires and Swiss bone ceramic bearings.

Does that you mean don’t have or rather want any sponsors?

I’m currently getting flown boards from a company called “blackstar skateboards and am always open to other sponsorships.

How does the Long Island skate scene compare to the city?

Long Island skate scene is pretty cool but I enjoy skating in the city more because it’s so much more alive. Long Island has some gem spots that are awesome though.

What’s your favorite spot and why?

My favorite skate spot is the seaport ledges downtown. Smooth flat ground to warm up and perfect angled iron ledges.

What’s your favorite trick in the part?

My favorite trick in the part is probably the ollie off the roof in the beginning of the part.

You said you’ve been filming this part for 5 years?

Yeah. There was a clip in the video that almost had 5 years worth of dust on it. Most of the footage was from 2 summers ago.

How does it feel to finally get it out there to world?

Feels good to get it out. I broke my ankle and it gave me enough time to try and put something together. I’m glad people have been enjoying it.

How many tries did it take to get that dark slide across the flushing ledge?

I don’t remember how many tries it took, but I don’t remember it being a long battle. Maybe within 30 tries?

If you had to say, what trick in the park gave you the hardest battle?

The trick that gave me the hardest battle was the front smith grind on the high ledge at battery park.

What’s the hardest part about getting a full video part together?

I would say getting filmers and skaters motivated. Going out and filming is a production. It takes a lot to make a clip happen.

Do you have any upcoming projects you want to talk about?

In the beginning of the year I started working on a video part with a filmer who used to live in NY but now lives in LA. I should have a full part in a video he’s making.

Interview by Will Angiulo

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