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6 spots worth checking out in Montauk, New York

Will Angiulo
January 7, 2022

I've been going to Montauk every summer ever since I can remember. The place is my second home. Throughout my years here I have come across a collection a worth while spots, some of which I've skated myself, some of which have never been hit. I figured it would be a good time to share it with you all. With quarantine prolonged inevitably, a skate trip to Montauk might just be the perfect excuse to get away from your daily routine. Not to mention, if you throw down a trick on any of these spots, you will have a good chance of getting noticed int he skate community. If you don't have a car or a homie willing to drive a couple hours, there are trains going back forth to Montauk everyday. Find a time that works for you and your crew and send it over there. Montauk is small so you could skate from spot to spot if you truly wanted to but I would advise against that. Without further adieu, 6 spots worth hitting in Montauk, New York.

1. Montauk Hotel 6 Stair

This spot has very little run up but it's a solid spot with good rollaway and nice ground at the top and bottom. Watch out for angry hotel clerks and workers though. They don't fancy skateboarding like we do. The spot is perfect for tricks over the handrail, as it is pretty low. This spot is right across the street from Montauk Circle Burger. It is the tallest building in the village and you can see as soon as you get into town. The spot is in the back parking lot.

Montauk hotel 6 stair

2. Lighthouse Triple Set Kink

This spot is one of those spots that everyone has been waiting for someone to hit. We took a trip there one day where Dylan and Tristen sized it up. Tristen got a clip (below) doing an ollie over the rail onto some wood that we found and into the grass hill but we eventually left without hitting the kink. The rail is definitely a good size, not too big, but big enough to question it. The hardest part is that you have to either come from the left or right at a sharp angle or you have to ollie up the curb right before the set. The spot hasn't been successfully hit yet, at least to my knowledge. It's pretty easy to get to. Just take Montauk highway all the way east across Long Island until you hit the end and voila! It will be on the left as you roll in to the lighthouse. Try to avoid going before 5 PM so you can avoid paying for parking. There is also a pretty dope 7 stair further down that is pretty mellow if you're not trying to huck yourself down a triple set.

Triple Kink - View from the Bottom
Triple Kink - View From the Top

7 Stair - Montauk Lighthouse

3. Montauk Manor Double Set

I never ever knew about this spot until this summer. It is pretty hidden on right side of the manor behind the pool. That being said, it might be wet over there sometimes. Be careful to not slip out. The spot has some good down hill roll up and no cracks. The roll away is also pretty chill but you have to swerve to the side to continue on the path or roll into the grass. The security at this spot will prob kick you out fairly quickly so you will definitely only have a couple of tries to throw something down. Getting to this spot is fairly easy. Just search the Montauk Manor on Google or Apple maps and you will directed to a parking lot facing the manor. The spot is on the right side of the manor straight ahead of the parking lot.

Montauk Manor Double Set - Bottom View

Montauk Manor Double Set - Top View

4. Alleyway Rail and Ledge

This spot is right on the road behind Air & Speed Surf Shop in an alleyway between a flower shop and art gallery. This spot is an interesting one. You can either skate down and hit the ledge or the rail above it or you can drop in to grind the rail and do a trick off of it. It's narrow which adds a factor to the spot. I haven't gotten the chance to skate this spot yet so I don't quite know what the bust rate is like but there's always a chance that they are chill I wouldn't take my word ont that. I would advise bringing some wax if you decide to head to the spot because It is definitely sticky.

5. St. Therese Church  

When I was a grom, probably about 10 years old, I tried to hit the more narrow 10 stair and stuck it but never rode away. Ever since the cracks have been getting worse and worse. Last year when I went to check it out and go for a 5050 on the rail, I realized the cracks had gotten a little too gnarly but unfortunately we didn't have anything to fill the cracks in. I plan on filling it this Fall if someone doesn't beat us to it (highly doubt they will). The church also houses some sick narrow banks and an even larger 10 stair that both have potential. The larger set in the front of the church has never been hit on a board. Someone did it on a bike but no one has had the balls to send over the set or hit the rail. There isn't a ton of roll up on the larger 10 stair so you have to come from angle which makes it a bunch tougher. Avoid going there during service times because they try to do virtual services due to covid.

10 Stair Bottom View
10 Stair - A look at the Cracks
Larger 10 Stair
Larger 10 Stair banks

6. Montauk Public School Handrails

I'm not gonna lie, these are some spots that Clive Dixon, Nyjah and only handful of others are possible of hitting. Nonetheless, I feel these spots need to put on the map! To get to the first one, you have to go to the parking lot at the school that is to the right of the main school entrance. There you will find the huge rail and staircase that leads down to the baseball fields. This one has a lot more roll up than roll away but is definitely more doable than the other one. The second one is right in front of the Sole East Restaurant and Hotel. Just go to the end of town and make a right on to Fort Pond Road. Go on that road straight for a bit and the rail down from the field will be on your left hand side. You will have to find the right time where the gate isn't locked. I believe it is open on week days but I am not positive. Who is the legend that's got the balls to send it down these beasts?

Monster Rail 1
Monster rail 2 - Top View
Monster Rail 2 Bottom

LC Recommendations in Montauk

1. Salivar's has some bomb sushi and a good selection of food.

2. TT's which stands for Tacos and Tequila is the go-to taco spot.

3. Sausages pizza has the best BBQ Slice you will ever eat.

4. Adam Mar surf shop has the best collection of boards and clothes and is the only place that sells proper skate trucks, bearings and wheels.

5. Go take some surf lessons With Coreyswave if you have time. Surfing is how you develop style. True Skaters know how to surf and know the legendary relationship between surfing and skateboarding.

So, if you decide to talk a trip to Long Island don't leave out Montauk! Check out the Jenkem Mag's Long Island skate guide and add a couple of these spots on to your pit stop list! Also, check out our most recent interview with Jeremy Wray about remembering the Carlsbad Gap!

Jenkem's Long Island Skate Guide

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