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Already Been Done Lists Up Now

Will Angiulo
January 7, 2022

Already Been Done lists; many have tried, few have succeeded. And yet we decided to give it a shot cause fuck it, why not? We got the time and the technology to do it plus it's about time someone educated the youth with the culture and history that skateboarding is built on. ABD's are a huge part of that culture and the evolution of skateboarding as a whole. Free Skate Mag explains the importance of ABD's and says it best in their article from June of this summer titled 'Already Been Done?' :

Excerpted from Free Skate Mags ABD Article :

Instead of having to remember those extensive lists of tricks done at skate spots or having to wait for the text from the homie that does remember them, we built a resource that allows skaters to easily search a database of videos and trick names on our website. It's all a work in a progress as is everything in life and yes, I know we missed some off the bat but we will be consistently updating the lists. Feel free to comment tricks we missed and links to where we can find them so we can keep this a reliable and valid resource for the skate community. The ABD page is not only a resource but it is also intended to be a community where we can interact with you about crazy shit that has been done, new tricks that have been done and other spots you would want us to dive into. At the moment, the only list we have available is the LA Courthouse Manual Pad but we are working on lists for El Toro, the NYC Blubba & more.

** DISCLAIMER : We do not own any of these clips. All rights are reserved to their rightful owners. These clips are used solely as a open source resource for the skateboarding community **

Below you will find out some simple 3 step instructions on how the ABD page works along with a link to the actual ABD page for you to try out yourself.

Step 1 : Go to the ABD page -

Step 2 : Search a trick

  • See all the variations of a trick, which has been done and by who

If nothing pops up then it's an NBD

Comment tricks we missed, links (if possible) and other spots you want to see us dive into

Now hit that link and find yourself an NBD :

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