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Andy Kessler Memorial Skate Contest Recap

Will Angiulo
January 7, 2022

Earlier this month, on September 4th, we hosted the first annual Andy Kessler Memorial Skate Contest at the Montauk skatepark. The contest was designed to honor Andy's contributions to the Montauk Skateboarding community and skate culture as a whole so that his legacy lives on with the future generations of skateboarders to come. I want to thank all of our epic sponsors for helping us make the event a success! Big shoutout to the Montauk Skatepark Coalition, Wampum, Linus brand, Rad Board Sport Co, Best Pizza Dive Bar, Adam Mar, Makos Thrift Shop, Best Life Ever Skateboards, All Hands Adventure, & Coreyswave!

                                             Official Recap Video Filmed by Pat Lane and Bart Schwarz

Huge shoutout to all of skaters that came through and entered the contest! Everyone was ripping and we were stoked to see the talent from the east end show out! Here are the winners of each contest for the day :

12 & Under

1st : Zeb Ryan

2nd : Kai Falk

3rd : Hunter Dec


1st : Miller Brennan

2nd : Earl Lee Chelkowski

3rd : Cosmo Hamada

4th : Leo Seandel


1st : Joey

2nd : Matt Weitman

3rd : Rich Bollinger

                                    Video Shot by one of our epic sponsors : Best Life Ever Skateboards


Limitless Culture Founder & Contest MC Will Angiulo Shot by Erik Schwab
Joey Shot by Erik Schwab
Leo Seandel Shot by Erik Schwab
BreadMeat Shot by Anthony Memento
Shot by Anthony Memento
Shot by Anthony Memento
Linus Girls Shot by Anthony Memento
Rich Bollinger Front Rock n Roll Shot by Anthony Memento
Shot by Anthony Memento
Earl with an early grab in the deep end Shot by Erik Schwab
Joey Boosting Shot by Erik Schwab
Rich Bollinger Front 5-0 Shot by Anthony Memento
Shot by Erik Schwab
Pat Lane Shot by Erik Schwab


Thank you again to everyone who showed up to make this contest one for the books! We're going to grow the contest bigger and bigger each year with the goal of being a name brand contest dedicated to helping hook up local long island skateboarders so that they can further their skateboarding careers and facilitate strong relationships with industry sponsors. UNTIL NEXT YEAR - LIVE LIMITLESS

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