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Behind The Scenes Surf Expo 2018 + 2019

Will Angiulo
January 7, 2022

Before the pandemic hit and the world went to shit for a bit, the Limitless Culture crew hit Orlando in 2018 & 2019 to attend the Surf Expo. I recently found some lost tapes from both of the trips and am bringing them to you for the first time. Enjoy!

So a little background about why we even went on the trip in first place : Tommie Zam from Trueskateboard Magazine knew that I was in Savannah at the time and had hit me up about going there to film an edit they could post on their website. I said fuck yeah! So I gathered up the crew, which consisted of Jake McWhirter, Graham Spieler, Noah Wilson, and myself, we split a hotel and sent it. The following images and videos summarize the trip in its entirety.

The drive out

Graham at the telly

munchies at the hotel

This is the full recap video we sent over to Tommy after all was said and done! One hell of a weekend that led us to getting a booth at the next Surf Expo in 2019.

Surf Expo 2019

This time we got a full 4 bedroom apartment for the weekend and ended up meeting a bunch of epic people from tons of different brands. We helped sponsor the mini ramp jam and get super involved in the whole process. I got a bigger crew to come out and we sent it! Definitely one of the more memorable moments from 2019! Peep the video below to see the recap as well as see Jake Yanko and Dalton Dern tear the mini ramp up!

The rack

Jake & Jordan holding the table down

Francy repping the LC babes tee

That's all folks!

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