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Limitless Culture's Christmas Gift Guide for Skateboarders

Will Angiulo
January 5, 2021

This year Christmas might be a little different, as everything has been in the year of 2020, but that won't stop us all from enjoying much needed time with family members and cheering each other up with thoughtful gifts. With Christmas right around the corner we thought it might be helpful to put out a little guide about good gift ideas to get skateboarders. We compiled a list epic products that any skater would be stoked to open up on Christmas morning. Please keep in mind that due to covid-19, a lot of businesses are struggling and your business means everything to them during these tough times. We ask that you think about trying to get these gifts at local skate shops or stores near you that carry them so that you are supporting your local area and the small businesses that have helped you and your community over the years. I know that many stores aren't open due to the new mandates but we urge you to at least search. A lot of stores have made online stores to make products accessible to you even though they can't serve you in person. Check to see if your local skate shop has moved online before you decide to order from stores like zumiez.

A New Deck

Every skater would be stoked on getting a new deck. Find out what board brand or brands they like, their board size and you got the perfect gift. Some skaters are pretty picky about their board graphics but most will just be appreciative that they even got a new board, as they should be. To try and avoid this you can ask a friend to help you pick out the right board or if you're not worried about the surprise aspect of it all then you can just ask the person you're getting it for.

Welcome Skateboards

Hardware & Griptape

Every skater needs some backup hardware for their board just in case they lose a bolt or screw and griptape is always handy to have for when you need to set up a new board. I like to have mine ready before hand so that I don't have to drive to the skate shop every time I snap a board. I like Mob griptape, just always have but Jessup is a good option and so is Grizzly. You can find skate hardware at any local skate shop and if there aren't any near by you can always order some from CCS.

Mob Griptape

Skate Trucks

An extra pair of trucks is super clutch. You never know when your trucks are gonna give way and having some backups can prevent you from ending a days session early. Independent Trucks have always been my go-to. They have the most solid truck base and they grind the smoothest. They are a variety of other skate trucks like Krux, Thunder, Venture & Tensor. Check the board of whoever you are trying to get the gift for to see which trucks they prefer.

Independent Trucks


You can tell a lot about a persons style from the pants they skate in. The type of pants a skaters wears is a more thought out process than you might think. If you won't to take our word for it, take Quartersnack's : They wrote an article on the politics of pants in skateboarding and interviewed a collection of notable skaters who all make their own about what makes a good skate pant. Check out opinions from the likes of Pontus Alv, Gilbert Crockett and more. Jenkem also wrote an article where skaters recommend their favorite skate pants. Use those as some resources to help you decide on a good pair of pants. You never know, you might have just blessed them with their new favorite pair of pants.

Dickies 874 Cutoff Work Pant

Beer & Ganja

A nice 24 pack of brews and an 8th of some dank is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get for a skater in my opinion. You know they're gonna use it and you know they're gonna enjoy it. Easy Peasy. Maybe get them a special edition case of their favorite beer or an exotic strain of bud they've never had before. Hell, I'd be stoked that haha.

Montauk Brewing Co.

Freshly Baked Hoodie

Our Best Selling Hoodie! The perfect gift for any of your skater friends or avid weed smoking family members. Also a hilarious gift for any friends or family members you may have that are interested in baking or cooking. The sweatshirt is made from 100% cotton that is guaranteed to keep you comfortable. Buy it here!

Limitless Culture Freshly Baked Hoodie

Skate Shoes

Although they gotten way more expensive over the years, skate shoes have been progressing a lot in terms of technology and even in terms of economic sustainability. Eco-friendly shoe brands like Cariuma are changing the landscape of the industry and are offering more sustainable options for skateboarders. If you want to plant a couple trees in the Brazilian rainforest while also getting an epic gift for a family member or friend then Cariuma shoes are the way to go. I have yet to try them personally but I have heard epic reviews about them. Another skate shoe brand to keep in mind is Last Resort AB, Pontus Alv's new shoe brand. They're super basic and super clean, basically they're everything a skate shoe should be. They are mostly sold out on the the Last Resort website but you can most likely find them at your local shop or at online stores like CCS or Tilly's.

Last Resort AB

A Mini Fridge

This is a fire gift for anyone. Turn your own room into your own personal living room. Beers are now 2 feet away instead of 200 and you don't have to worry about your left over dinner getting eaten by a family member or roommate. A superb addition to any bedroom and certainly perfect for a skateboarder and their homies for watching skate videos after a nice session. Here are some of the best ones we have found :

  • Frigidaire 6-can Mini Retro Fridge : Only holds 6 beers but its only $29.99 and can fit in small spaces anywhere in your room plus it's got a nice retro feel to it
  • Insignia Mini Fridge : This one is little more expensive at $99.99 but it holds a bunch more and has the ability to refrigerate food and multiple drinks.
  • Edgestar Cool Beverage Center : These are the types of ones you see at the gas station at the front by the register that have the Redbull or energy drinks in them. They have the glass door and can fit around 50 cans. More expensive than the insignia but less expensive than the home depot compact mini fridge.
  • Home Depot Compact Mini Fridge : The most expensive but also the most valid. This model has a freezer and fridge has the potential to turn your room in to a small man cave.
EdgeStar Cool Beverage Center

Couch Curbs

A unique product with nothing like it. Couch curbs can be used as a head rest or pillow at home or while you're out skating in the streets with the crew. It can also be used as a nifty tool for kids and beginners to learn how to grind and do tricks on curbs without having to your front yard. Good for practice, epic for sleep. Definitely a cool gift idea for skaters of any caliber! Get one here!

Couch Curbs

Skate Tool

Every skater needs a skate tool. Whether its a super basic one or a full throttle crack skate tool. They make for good small gifts under $30 - Also good for stocking stuffers!

Pig Wheels Skate Tool

Flat Bar or Round Rail

If you're looking for something bigger a flat bar, round rail or even a skateable bench are some gifts ideas that would get any skater stoked out of their minds. There's a few different brands to look through but I personally like Keen Ramps rails and Element rails.

Element Rail

Wecking Ball Trucks Nuts

A guaranteed way to make someone laugh upon opening a present. Simply snap the chain around your trucks and turn your board into a man's board. Wecking Ball struck gold with these, literally haha.

Cop em here

Wecking Ball Truck Nuts

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