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Victor Brooks & Manuals @ the LA Courthouse

January 7, 2022
Will Angiulo

What's up Victor! So I’m curious about the Nose Manual Nollie Laser at the LA courthouse. I know you did it at one of the Andale contests a couple years back. Did you have that trick in mind for the contest or did you just decide to do it right then and there?

For the contest. The owner of footprint insoles told me to try it. I’ve done it there before hand but didn’t think I’d do it quick like that in a contest. Was definitely hyped on it

Sick. How many tries did it take you in the contest?

And was it more of a battle the first time you were trying it outside of the contest?

It was first go

Yeah it was, but I was skating there daily to be ready for the contest

Hell yeah. That’s gotta be a good feeling for sure. So you were probably trying that trick everyday to make sure you had it on lock for the contest huh?How long did it end up taking the land first time around?

Shoot I landed that trick for the first time in like 2011 or 2012. I did it my first time at the Belmont high school manny pad

Definitely practiced it a lot though.

Ah I see. You know what they say, Practice makes perfect. What made you decide to bring that trick to the LA Courthouse Manual pad? Was it the contest that motivated you to try it or more of personal goal?

Definitely !

Person goals. I’ve done it there before but for a part I dropped I did nollie pop shuv nose manny laser out. I just wanted to leave my mark with the legends and such a legendary spot

What part was that from? I don’t think i have seen that clip. The Nollie Pop Shuv had to have added another level of difficulty to it no?

Definitely it was difficult

It was in this artform edit. But this is just my raw footage. Watch the full edit here :

Thats some solid footage right there dude but that manual was perfect dude. How many tries would you say it took you to land it for that video??

I was going at for like 2 hours

I honestly don’t remember . I was going at for like 2 hours

Sounds about right. That’s a battle for sure. What was the hardest part about landing it? If you recall.

Honestly it was just the getting up part. I have the laser out pretty dialed down.

Yeah I can imagine that was probably a bitch. That thing is huge. Did you you train at all before trying it? Or just sent it ?

Just sent it haha

You got any tips for anyone trying to hit the courthouse in the future??

Work on your pop!

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