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Skateparks on Long Island Ranked

Will Angiulo
April 18, 2022

We took the liberty of ranking all of the skateparks on Long Island from best to worst so you can decide for yourselves which are worth to hit. Long island is home to more skateparks than you probably know so we decided to put this little list together. Technically theres only 15 but we added the two Rockaway parks because they deserve to be on the list. Shoutout to RAD for letting us use their videos. These crazy f*cks are doing video reviews for every skatepark in New York. Go subscribe to them on Youtube for more skatepark walkthroughs! Now take a gander at what Long Island has to offer its skateboarding community and then go skate fooooo!

17. Amagansett Skatepark : This park is just like a handful over other skateparks built by towns across the east coast. Nothing really special about this park. They have an A-frame with some hubbies, a halfpipe, some quarter pipes and a pyramid. It’s really nothing special, not to mention you have to wear a helmet and pads or you get screamed at by a lady who takes her job way too seriously.  The Amagansett skatepark is inside Youth Park.

16. Greenport Skatepark : The park has been around since 1998, making it the oldest skatepark on Long Island. This park is at least a 2-3 hour drive for anyone on Long Island but if you’re ever in green port or in the north fork area, its a park to skate. It actually has a gnarly 12 foot halfpipe but other than that everything is super janky. The park hasn’t been resurfaced in years & years and the ground definitely could use a repaving but like I said if you’re in area the area and you’re itching to skate it will definitely get the job done.

15. North Sea Skatepark : North Sea Skatepark in South Hampton is a simple park. If you go there you’ll notice a lot of the stuff isn’t great but the locals make the best out of it. The park has a couple ledges, a flat rail with a kink, a nipple, an A-frame that leads to a 4 stair and a barrier. Peep Our team rider Pat Chisolm destroy the park.

14. Montauk Skatepark : The Montauk skatepark was built in 1999 by the legendary Andy Kessler. He designed the plans for the park, advocated for the park to get made and worked with the town of East Hampton to ensure its construction. This park is the only park on the east end to have a proper bowl and is one of 3 skateparks on Long Island that has one. This park has seen better days but it’s got all of the basics. Unfortunately, this park also requires you wear a helmet. The guy George there will 100% call the cops on you if you don’t listen to him and he WILL give you a ton of shit if you don’t. 

In 2021, the Montauk Skatepark coalition raised over $1.4 Million to build a brand new skatepark in Montauk. The bowl will be preserved, a brand new street section will be added and a new bowl section will also be added. Demo Starts in the end of March and the park is set to be finished by the summer of 2022.  Check out the full, official plans for the park in this article :

13. Nickerson Skatepark : Nickerson in Lido Beach is only open from April - November but it’s one of those basic parks that’s set up with some decent flow. The mini-ramp there is also on point! They got a curved flat bar, a pyramid with an A-frame next to it, some different sized quarters, a little hip transfer as well as some banks.

12. Green Lawn Skatepark : To be honest, Green Lawn & Red Creek are very similar. Red Creek is just a little bigger, with more to do but they both have about the same vibe. Green lawn is smoother, newer and has a similar A-frame type section. A lot of BMX riders stay hitting this park but it's still is a good time. They got a solid half pipe and The flow of the park is very chill. Good for transition tricks.

11. Red Creek Skatepark :  Red Creek is one of the more rad hand ramp built skateparks. The park has a little bit of everything, something for all levels of skating. There is two full halfpipes, a myriad of different quarters, a boxes, flat rails, a pyramid, a solid A-frame section fit for airs, power slides or heavy bangers and more. Definitely one of the more solid skateparks on the east end plus you don’t need a helmet or pads unlike the Amagansett or Montauk Parks.

10. ManorHaven : This park is honestly a hidden treasure. The park flows very nicely and was one of the first solid concrete parks on Long Island. The park has some solid banks & quarters, a 6 stair with a hub, handrail and euro-gap, a sick flat ledge that almost goes the length of the park. Not to mention, the park is right on the beach. Sunset sessions are dope here.

9. Baldwin : Baldwin is one of the newer skateparks on Long Island but the ground at the park is A-1! The ramps are all a bit newer too which is always nice. Although the park is pretty small, its insanely fun. The pyramid, quarter, box and rail are all prime there. Every once in a while there’s a jam/contest there too.

8. Tanner : Home to the infamous Tanner Jam, Tanner skatepark has one of the best halfpipes on Long Island, if not the best one. Its super smooth, perfect for learning new tricks and has a spine transfer. The pyramid is solid and they have a sweet ledge/manny pad setup on the section at the park that faces south. The ground needs to be repaved but the ramps get resurfaced every couple years or so when needed. Chad Caruso actually got in touch with the town of Babylon to get this park made and I believe he is working towards get the ground repaved. Hopefully that happens sometime soon. In the meantime, Tanner still holds the title for best halfpipe on Long Island. That thing is just butter!

7. Long Beach : This park has been home to numerous NYSB contests and is one of the better flowing little parks on Long Island. The park has a nice bowl with coping on one side and then a street section that leads into another bowl corner. The park has hubbas on either side and a 4 block with a handrail in the middle. Between the set and the corner section is a bunch of speed bumps and a flat bar that are super chill. There's also a solid A-frame with a handrail on the north side.

6. Bethpage : One of the cleanest parks on long island without a doubt. This full concrete park has everything besides a good set of stairs (although the pool area across the parking lot has a sick 6 stair). The ledge at this park is one of the best on Long island. The park has some sick elements too. Peep this video from our homies at Rad Board Sport Co. to see the full view of the park.

5. Mastic : Mastic has the best set of any skatepark on Long Island. The double set goes hard and the whole setup for the park has a very street vibe. This park has fire flow and has stuff for all levels. Even though it’s not the biggest park, the spread of the park allows you to skate around for hours without getting bored.

4. Hempstead : This park is small but god damn is it fun. You could just go back & forth on this thing all day long. 

3. FarRockaway : Technically Rockaway is Queens but we included it on this list anyway. With that being said, This is more like plaza. Definitely a top-tier park. Franky Spears hits the park often when he’s back home and for obvious reasons. The park is one of the best on Long Island without a doubt. The park has everything from 6 stair with handrails & hubbas, to full transition sections to ledges and flat bars to a volcano. Almost everything has coping on it meaning Basically everything at the park slides and the ground is perfect.

2. Northport : Northport has the most proper bowl with tile on Long Island plus its got a bunch of other sick elements. It also has a volcano, a sick pyramid, it has many pads, a 5 stair with a handrail, a 3 stair, a 2 block, a euro gap and a few ledges as well as a second bowl with coping that has a roll in.

1. Rockaway Skatepark : Again, we get it but this park is hands down the best park within an hour or two of Long Island in either direction. (That is until the new Montauk Skatepark gets built!) It's the newest skatepark built on Long Island and the master piece is a beauty to behold. Literally everything a skater could want, this park has A snake run, transition sections, endless street and impeccable flow. Definitely the most versatile park on the island. This park is going to breed some monsters!

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