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Top 10 Tricks Down the Carlsbad Gap

Will Angiulo
January 7, 2022

It has been 8 years since the Carlsbad High School was demolished for reconstruction. We think it is time the conversation about this spot was brought back up to pass on the history of the infamous gap to the future generations of skateboarders. To do so we created this list of the top 10 tricks done down the gap.

10. Fakie backside flip - Andrew Reynolds : Reynolds landed a few mind blowers in his early days but his fakie backside flip was so tweaked and perfect that it only make sense to start the list with this one.

9. Big Flip - Tyler Bledsoe : Tyler stomped the fuck out of this one and rode away cleaner than windex.

8. Frontside 360 - Jeremy Wray : Jeremy Wray really opened the doors to the Carlsbad gap. Before his Secondhand Smoke part for Plan B in 1995 no one had really hit the gap unless they were doing a basic trick like an ollie or kick flip. Also note that this frontside 360 is proper as hell and set the stage for years to come at the Carlsbad gap. From then on it was a battle of pro skaters one upping each other trying to get the most gnarly trick down the spot. He also landed a frontside flip down the gap in his opening line of the secondhand smoke video which is one of the most stylish lines in existence to this day.

7. Switch Frontside flip - Tom Penny : Tom Penny has one of the most casual styles of the 90s. This switch frontside flip is a piece of art. The way he floated it was immaculate.

6. Backside 360 Kickflip - Chris Cole : Chris Cole went berserk on this one! This trick is hands down one of the hardest tricks to throw down a set and he managed to roll away from it down Carlsbad, the spot with a crack in front and uphill landing at the bottom. Props to you Chris!

5. Switch Tre Flip - Johnny Layton : This has to be one of the most buttery switch treflips caught on film! My jaw dropped when I first saw this clip and it is just as mind blowing every time I watch it.

4. Nollie Inward Heelflip - Billy Marks : The infamous lost clip of Billy Marks Nollie inward Heelflip has got to go on the last. The master of the Nollie inward heel shows us what a textbook one should look like.

3. Switch Big heel - Billy Marks : Billy marks is one of the most versatile switch skaters there ever was! Tell me otherwise! If this mind bogglingly perfect switch bigheel doesn’t prove it then go watch his ‘Good and Evil’ Part from 2004 and will surely be convinced faster than you say bitchass!

2. Nollie Big Heel - Cody McEntire : Cody’s Nollie big heel down the Carlsbad gap is one of the tricks that I always remember from his younger days. He also had a buttery line where he threw down a backside bigspin at the end.

1. Brandon Turner - Switch Hardflip : This switch hardflip is ingrained in the back of my mind whenever ai think about the Carlsbad gap. It looks as if he is about to fall off right before because of the crack but then he just pulls it together and throws it down so stylishly while stomping it to the ground and rolling away. Such a sick trick, done with such style!

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