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Top 40 LA Courthouse Stage

Will Angiulo
January 7, 2022

Top 40 LA Court House Stage

Let us know what you think in our comments below. We know we missed a bunch of clips but we are currently working on an already been done page for this spot so if you have links or clips we have missed comment them below or send them over to

40. Chris Roberts - Switch manual frontside revert to fakie manual

39. Victor Brooks - Manual 360 Shuv out

38. Billy Hanning - Manual Casper flip out

37. John Dilo - Fakie ollie fake manual fake flip out

36. Victor Brooks - Nose manual nollie backside shuv to regular manny backside shuv to nose manual nollie frontside 180 out

35. Joey Brezinski - Manny to front shuv to varias heel flip out

34. Kelly Hart : Fakie pop shuv fakie manual

33. Dane Vaughn - Kickflip manual front 180 out

32.Chris Roberts - Switch ollie fakie manual fakie big spin to regular manual

31. Kelly Hart - Nollie Popshuv manual front 180 out

30. Chris Roberts - Switch manual switch front shuv to switch manual

29. John Dilo - Nose manual nollie half cab flip out

28. Sewa Kroetkev - Nose manual Nollie flip out

27. Nick Tucker - Nollie nose manual nollie heelflip out

26. Spencer Brown - Nose manual nollie treflip out

25. Victor Brooks - Nose manual nollie laser flip out

24. Danny Hamaguchia - Nollie shuv nose manual nollie front 180 out

23. Shmatty - Switch flip switch manual

22. Carlos Iqui - Switch flip switch manual

21. Chris Roberts - Switch flip switch manual

20. Kelly Hart - Pop Shuv nose manual nollie treflip out

19. Carlos Ribeiro - Switch kick flip switch front 180 out

18. Sewa Kroetkev - Nose manual nollie late flip out

17. Kelly Hart - Nollie Pop shuv nose manual nose flip out

16. Nick Tucker - Nollie Heelflip nose manual

15. Diego Najera - Switch heelflip fakie manual

14. Kelly Hart - Fakie Shuv switch manual switch flip out

13. Kelly Hart - Fakie Variable flip fakie manga

12. Nick Tucker - Backside flip to fakie manual

11. Chris Roberts - Switch manny switch 360 front shuv out

10. Nick Tucker - Switch heelflip switch manual switch late flip out

9. Diego Najera - Nollie varial kickflip nose manual nollie kickflip out

8. Casey Rigney - Nollie Heelflip nose manual

7. Nick Tucker - Nollie heelflip nose manual nollie heelflip out

6. Nick Tucker - Nollie heelflip nose manual nollie late kickflip out

5. Stevie William - Switch heelfip manual

4. Kelly Hart - Fakie treflip manual

3. Nick Tucker - Switch frontside flip manual backside flip out

2. Carlos Iqui - Fakie Hardflip switch manual

1. Nick Tucker - Switch Inward heelflip manual

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